Things to do in Clarens


The Clarens Golf Course is approximately 3km from Rehoboth and Meerkat Lodges.


The Golden Gate National Park is a fifteen minute drive from our Rehoboth and Meerkat Lodges.


The annual Beer Festival is held in February , with home made Brewers drawn to the village where music, food and beer can be enjoyed.


Hiking trails around the Clarens Nature Reserve. (maps are provided in the lodges)

White water rafting.

Quad bike rides.

horse riding.




Let's Go Hiking: Clarens Village Nature Reserve

Whether you're looking for a fun outing for the whole family or an adventurous hike to get your blood flowing, the Clarens Village Nature Reserve has a lot to offer.   What's more - it borders the town, so you don't need to drive anywhere before you put your hiking boots on.   The Clarens Village Conservancy has just brought out an informative and descriptive map of the Hiking Trails, as well as three highly recommended, carefully designed hiking routes.  (A big thanks goes to Richard Rennie jnr. who spent hours on the lay-out and map design.)  The maps are available from various outlets including The Old Stone Bottle Store, Protea Hotel, Mountain Odyssey, Clarens Xtreme, On The Square Gallery, Gosto, Patcham Place, and The Clarens Country House, and cost only R25 each.   (All proceeds to go to The Clarens Village Conservancy which manages the The Clarens Village Nature Reserve.)